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The future of medicine is within each individual's data found via the genius interpretation of biotechnology. We utilize the best technology and then collaborate with world experts, to build highly advanced, cutting edge programs, to optimize you and your health.



Some have an instinctive drive to change the world around us and make it a better place. We know we have a purpose, and a mission, to fulfill. This is not an easy task and it requires a titan-like spirit to accomplish some of our highest aspirations.

Precision Health Centre's (PHC) goal help you live your best life and fulfill your purpose. We do this by upgrading your body, mind and spirit via the latest in biotechnology (ie: functional genetics) and research, then apply this to a personalized lifestyle and medicine plan. Our cutting edge medical evaluations offer a comprehensive overview of your health, and a customized protocol, to help you experience your best self. PHC is the result of Kathleen's passion for excellence in optimizing performance, health longevity and critical thinking.

Kathleen has spent years working with top scientists and thought leaders around the world. PHC is the product of the synthesized information she has gathered along the way, all to help you live a higher quality and more fulfilling life. Kathleen has a pure fascination with: How to live longer and better. Curating and sharing this knowledge is not easy - the sheer volume of material published in this space is overwhelming, yet her full time dedication to staying on top of this is evident in her practice.



"Many of us are looking for a comprehensive road map to better health, to optimize our health and performance and to age well and strong. Kathleen has built a full service medical practice that is customized, in-depth and comprehensive. From collecting the proper bloodwork, genetic testing, and medical records, she was able to customize a plan for improving my health and taking it to the next level in a way I would not have imagined. She is extremely well educated in the area of customized health care and on top of emerging health options. I would highly recommend Kathleen."


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Functional Medicine & Genetics Program

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Telomere Testing

Total Gut Health Restoration Program

Longevity Medicine


Longevity Medicine

The phrase “anti-aging” is the application of advanced biomedical technologies focused on the early detection, prevention and treatment of aging-related disease. Chronic disease by definition does NOT occur suddenly rather result of recurring detrimental factors over a length of time.


Chronic diseases (Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease) and their underlying factors (ex.obesity) account for 3 out of every 4 dollars of U.S Healthcare spending affecting 1 in 3 Americans to the tune of over $1.5 million in annual spend (Miliken, 2014)

Our current model of predicting chronic disease is NOT effective in identifying ROOT cause & often utilizes symptomology or late stage biomarkers in a binary manner to determine health status. We at PHC have identified the key diagnostics to better predict and isolate the pathways of aging so we can target these and promote optimal longevity. We are not about just living longer, but living longer and better.

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Lab Testing to facilitate a customized protocol includes:


A deeper, advanced look into your overall heart health to give you insight into more modern indicators of cardiovascular risk

Builds on the Baseline assessment by measuring performance hormones like testosterone, advanced nutrients, and metabolic function
A deeper, advanced look into your overall heart health to give you insight into more modern indicators of cardiovascular risk
This package comes with 25+ biomarkers, including a look at heart health, complete blood count, and basic thyroid and blood sugar testing



What if there was a compound that could turn back time, restore energy, improve athletic performance, bring back clarity of thought, reverse depression and help detox alcohol and other toxins in our cells?

There is such a substance. It is called NAD+, and it occurs naturally in every cell in your body.

NAD+ may actually prolong life, protect DNA, slow down aging and help restore function in neurodegenerative illness due to its effects on the genes that govern aging.

Unfortunately, drugs, alcohol, stress, medications, chronic illness and age all contribute to a decrease in our NAD+ stores. As NAD+ goes down, so does our energy. Cells age and deteriorate. Your health falls apart at the very root.

This IV aims to undo that process by replenishing NAD+. Using IV infusion therapy we administer this anti-aging compound directly into your blood circulation so your cells have access to as much as they need.

Between 3-14 consecutive days of NAD+ therapy combined with amino acid infusions, minerals, and B-Vitamins are typically recommended for full effect. Treatment is tailored to your individual needs after a detailed consultation.

PHC uses a premium product of NAD+ called Brain Restoration Plus (BR+) which targets brain health.

Pump up your focus, clarity, and energy so you can tackle anything. Feel great and accomplish more with the ultimate high dose NAD+ experience.
Saturate and support your NAD+ intake by optimizing the function of every cell in your body.
NAD+ Nasal Spray and Supplements
Support on-the-go maintenance and easy access to replenishing NAD levels.  We help you choose what’s best!



Kathleen McDonald is the founder and visionary of Precision Health Centre. A futuristic model of care which merges conventional with innovative approaches to medicine.

Kathleen has spent many years working with top scientists and thought leaders around the world and PHC came to life to help you live a higher quality and more fulfilling life.

Kathleen completed her training at both University California San Francisco (UCSF) and University of Toronto. Her work experience includes top academic centres such as University Health Network with the Peter Munk Cardiac Surgery Team, University of Michigan Medical Centre, University of California San Francisco, and Sunnybrook Trauma Centre. Her experience includes Cardiac Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine and Trauma.

The foundation and passion of Kathleen’s practice is to optimize each client so they experience incredible energy and vitality, thus freeing them up to get busy back at LIFE!

Kathleen's motivation to help others is very tangible. Her passion for attaining this heightened level of health, not only for herself & her active lifestyle, which includes cycling, and 70.3 Ironman, also extends to her clients. This has driven her to research niche regenerative & health optimization therapies, right down to a cellular level, in order to provide powerful results.

Kathleen’s unrelenting belief that truly optimizing health requires a comphrehensive approach to the human body is the underlying current now being experienced by each of her clients. Such clients, who rejected the status quo of mediocrity with respect to their health, are empowered to experience their innate and limitless potential.


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