Concierge Genetics Package

At PHC our objective is to optimize your health and performance through decoding your unique DNA blueprint. We do this through genetic testing that provides you data driven health intelligence to help you thrive. You will receive a private consultation with a doctoral pioneer in medical genomics. You will also be given exclusive cutting edge molecular agents that are designed by experts in the field of genomics. This innovative approach leverages avant-garde functional genome science to develop customized treatment protocols for individuals using pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals.

Advanced Biomarker Testing: As we age, there are specific physiological processes which predict how long you will live. Within the scope of Longevity Medicine we now have the ability to measure new biomarkers, most of which are not addressed during your standard checkup with your doctor. At PHC we not only do these types of testing, however place you on the perfect anti- aging regimen based on your results. In order to choose the most effective combination for you, a combination of your genetics, past medical history and current symptomatology will be utilized to formulate a maintenance plan for you to achieve optimum results addressing your needs.


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